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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture

What does this mean?

A CSA, or subscription is an arrangement made between a farmer and a client.  By purchasing a subscription you are supporting my farm and investing money so that I can purchase seeds, supplies and I know that harvests will not be wasted. You help me to do what I do best - grow flowers for you! 


What do I get in return?

You receive the biggest and best flowers I have available that week.  I offer my subscription holders special flowers normally reserved for florists as well as other perks and benefits throughout the year. Subscription holders get first priority of the best blooms I offer. 


Subscriptions start at $25 per bouquet

The frequency in which you receive them is up to you.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions. 

How do I receive my subscription bouquets?

Bouquets can be picked up at our convenient Ranch Pick Up on your chosen date or on Sunday at the Fowler's Farmers Market located on the corner of Highway 193 & Sierra College in Lincoln. 


Business Subscriptions

Serendipity Ranch offers a subscription service to professional offices and businesses that is easy, convenient, and consistent. 

without the hassle of buying them, finding a vase, and arranging them.

Serendipity Ranch will create beautiful and tastefully designed bouquets using locally grown, fresh, and seasonal flowers.  Each week, or designated time period, we will deliver flowers to local businesses, using our vases or vessels.  We pick up the old flowers and replace them with new ones. 


Subscription holders receive the freshest and best of our weekly harvest.  Subscription services that include delivery start at $30 per week and can be upgraded or modified depending on your business needs.  Delivery areas are limited to a 10-mile radius of Lincoln, Ca. 

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