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We have a wide choice of edible (yes, edible) flowers and herbs available at Serendipity Ranch. We work hard to constantly update our selection and do our best to cater to everyone’s tastes. Be sure to come by and see what we have to offer.

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Dept. of Food and Agriculture

License CA-9615

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Our colorful variety of Farm Fresh eggs is available for Ranch Pick Up

  • 1 Dozen eggs $7.50 

  • 2 Dozen eggs $14


Meet Our Flock

We have 33 hens and 1 rooster here at Serendipity Ranch.  Our hens provide us with beautiful egg colors including a deep brown, light brown, a light mauve, olive green, and turquoise blue. Our flock includes breeds like Marans, Speckled Sussex, Wyondotts, Sapphire Gems, and Sapphire Olive Eggers.  When you come to visit the ranch you can meet Hugh Hefner (aka Hef), Cordelia, Milly, Rosie, Ginger, Doris Day, Petunia, and the rest of the bunch.

Well, we would like to believe they are!


Here at Serendipity Ranch, we allow our chickens to roam the property, forage for worms, insects, and grubs, and free-range in a safe environment.   Our chickens eat well and eat naturally.  Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO quality feed and a limited amount of table scraps.  During the summer months, they are fed watermelon, cucumbers grown in our garden, and other vegetables safe for them to eat.  The growing area of the farm is situated on the other side of our "chicken pasture" and when we planned our gardens, we purposely put the flower beds near the chickens.  Although chickens can be mischievous and destructive in the garden, they also provide a layer of defense against pesky pests and rodents.

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