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Throughout the week, Serendipity Ranch offers a convenient way to get fresh, locally grown flowers, herbs and eggs! Ranch Pick Up is super easy, fast and a great way to get your orders when you can't make it to the Farmer's Market.  We have a pick up area at the entrance to the ranch, and orders are placed out for you to drive up and grab.  We accept venmo and cash payments.


We ask that you allow us at least 2 hours advance notice for orders. Orders are based on availability and season.

The Fowler Ranch Market became a family favorite

when we first moved to Lincoln, CA

We used to go every Thursday to stock up on local fruits and vegetables, jams, breads and other locally grown products. I remember when I was starting up my little flower business, I told my husband that one day, I would love to sell my flowers at a market like the one at Fowler's Ranch. The vendors were all so friendly and the Fowler Family were warm and welcoming, and it just seemed the right place to sell my flowers. Two years later, I am proud to say that I am a regular vendor at the market and I can't imagine selling anywhere else.


The Fowler Family has been a part of the Placer County farming community for over 110 years!  They are proud to support Placer County Farmers and the Farmers from our local region and the market.  The market they have created is a true treasure in our community.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Farmers Market | Open Sundays 
Year-Round, 9am to 1pm

Located on the corner of the 193 & Sierra College

I am there most Sundays beginning mid-Spring through Summer and then again at Christmas.

Call or text to see if I am there


A Placer County Farming Operation Since 1912

110 years ago, the local judge of Newcastle asked Eugene Fowler, manager of the Newcastle fruit packing sheds, to help grow trees.  Newcastle was quite the fruit basket during this time and the supply for new trees was limited.  Eugene started with 20,000 pear trees and never looked back.  The company was passed down to his son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Sue-Dee Fowler, who expanded the company into additional commodities.  The next generation owners, Richard and Terry Fowler with Everett Johnson and Nancy Fowler-Johnson grew the company even further by developing new rootstocks from around the world and growing over one million trees each year.  In 2008, the next generation of family joined the company, Denise Moore (Eugene's great-grand daughter) and then in 2016 her brother, Phillip Johnson, returned from the golf industry.


Denise and her husband, Mason

had a small pumpkin patch and with the desire to grow Fowler Nurseries, Fowler Ranch was created! We look forward to where this adventure will take us and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

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